Furniture Rehab.

Furniture Rehab. Projects:

Bunkbed Before
Bunkbed After

My husband and I have kind of started a new hobby! 
Doing up old furniture. 
This was our first project this summer, 
and now our sons have 'cots no more'
and are delighted with their new beds!

After taking the bed apart, 
(renewing some of the nuts and bolts at the same time)
giving it all a good sanding down to get the 
matt varnish and grime off,
it was time for a coat of wood primer.

Then we painted it with 3 coats of floor paint. 
we chose floor paint because it gives a really nice hard finish,  very scratch and chip resistant, its fairly runny paint though so you have to watch out for drips. 
My tip is to always have a good look over the 
peice you've finished painting
(no matter how careful you have been) 
 and brush away and drips or runs that may have appeared.
The colour we used is called
'White Narcissus'.

white narcissus
(Photo borrowed from

Project waiting....
Just look at this beautiful stol, 
that I picked up from a thrift shop a while back!!
I'm going to try to find out just how old it is.
Its in pretty good shape really, 
no wobbly legs or anything.
I can't wait to get started on it, 
but it'll have to wait in line, 
we have a rather large project we are working on at the moment....


  1. These beds look sooo brilliant, thanks for tips on the paint to, would never have thought to use floor paint.xx

  2. Nydelig stol, Nina:) - gleder meg til å følge prosjektet...


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