Sunday, 6 January 2013

Furniture Rehab. Sideboard.

This is a project peice that my husband and I worked on in 2012.
It is a large sideboard so it took a lot of work and time to get it 
just how we wanted it to look;
Shabby, used and loved.

First on the list was to take the drawers out and doors off,
and give the whole peice a good sanding down to remove the varnish.
We decided to change the drawer knob situation, 
although the knobs were small, 
we felt it unessesery to have two knobs on each drawer. 
Above is a photo where you see two of the drawers 
with their knobs off, 
we have filled and sanded the old holes,
 drilled new ones and given it the first coat of primer.

Above: the doors in process.

Above; the main body almost finished with its first coat of underpaint, 
over the 2 coats of white primer.

 Above; the finished peice. After a couple more coats of paint,
sanding, and distressed with Pine coloured Fiddies furniture wax.
We took out the wooden X shapes in the side shelfs 
used for holding and stacking wine, 
as we wanted to use the space for books instead.

 Above and below; detailed shots of one of some corners.

 Above and below; shots of the new knobs we have chosen to use,
we chose to have two different types of knobs to give the peice
 a bit more of a subtle quirky look.
I love them they are so cute!


  1. For et stykke arbeid!!! Og for et resultat! Jeg blir så imponert over at dere går igang med sånne omfattende prosjekter - men jeg skjønner jo at sånne flotte forvandlinger motiverer en til å gå i gang!

    Dere er dyktige, Nina, og så høres det koselig ut og jobbe sammen om noe på den måten.

    Klem <3

  2. Wow, what a tremendous change this is, really love how you two altered this cupboard, it looks amazing with the fab knobs! Hugs, Ira

  3. OMG, that is AMAZING Nina! I would never have the original piece in my house but I would pay hundreds for your refurbished one!

  4. WOW det ble jo kjempe fint. Kan jeg spørre hvordan maling du har brukt?Jeg har sjenker og spisestue i furu...den ene er lakka og den andre ubehandlet.

    Klem Fra Eva helen

    1. Hei Eva!
      Først pusset vi av lakken, så tok vi et strøk med primer så flere lag med Lady interiør maling for panel og treverk :O)
      Skal du male? Jeg vil gjærne se! :O))
      God helg til deg.
      Klem Nina

  5. Wow!! For et arbeid! Og så lekkert det ble :-) Godt jobba :-)

  6. Sucesso! Bom dia. Maos 'a obra. Muito
    legal seu blog! Oi Pieter.


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