Thursday 18 April 2013

Art Journal Nr 4

I said I was going to post about this Art journal 
ages ago, well here it is.
I made my new Art Journal out of a old childrens 
book I picked up at a 
secondhand shop a while back.
As I tend to take my journals around with me on holiday etc
I opted to decortate the cover flat 
ie nothing sticking out that could get 
ripped of when taking it in and out of my bag.
I used different washi tapes in strips 
all over the from and back cover.
I had decided to use clear rock candy on the title part,  
to give it a glazed slightly crackled effect
over where I stamped ...

So I stamped and painted on the rock candy
and whilst it was drying the ink from the stamp started bleeding!
Only slightly at first and then more and more!
So I quickly scraped off the rock candy before it was completly dry and hard,
and just restamped the words.
As you can see some of the rock candy had 
dryed around the edges, 
which I think gives a cool effect as
a kind of shabby frame. 
I rubbed distress ink into the cracks to make them more visible.

The last thing I did was to paint over the washi tape 
with thinned down gesso to 'dampen' the colours of the wasi tape, 
giving it an overall more uniform and shabby look.

I love the tall shape of this journal. 
It measures 13x23cm.
I'll post some of the first pages soon.

Thanks for stopping by!
Nina x


  1. Now that's a supercool way to use that beautiful wash tape Nina, enjoy your gorgeous journal, it's wonderfully altered! Hugs, Ira xox

  2. Thank you Ira!
    I'm going to enjoy filling it :O))
    Hugs back
    Nina x


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