Saturday, 25 January 2014

Recycled book Dayplanner/Journal - 2014

Wow, this was a great project to work on
but my goodness it took time to make it!
Waiting and watching paint drying only makes it take 
twice as long to dry i'm sure! 
I did help it along a bit with my trusty heat tool,
but you have to be patient when working with old book pages, 
they are so dry that they suck up a great deal of the paint, and retain moisture
but i wanted the finished pages to be a bit firm so
I chose specially old books with thick pages.
I mean you couldn't have a dayplanner with flimsy pages, 
it just wouldn't do!
I tryed to document the 'birth' of my planner, and for once whilst
 making a project i think I've managed to capture each stage! 
Could it be cos I am super eager to use my 
and my gifted  
to dye for  

This might be my longest post to date...
SO get your scroller finger ready 
for a workout! 
(want to see an image larger? 
just click on it ;O)

well that was my 2.5 inch thick (!) dayplanner.
I ended up using 3 old books and had to really rack my brains
as to how to hold it all together.
Its so damn thick! 
I had orginally decided to use my bind-it-all machine 
but soon found out that the biggest spirals they 
make for the Bind-it-all where going to be WAY too small.
I considered splitting it up into 2 or 4 parts for the 1 year,
but decided it would be easier to keep control 
over dates etc if it was kept as 1 book.
SO the search began to find binding rings that were large enough.....
....not something I manged to source nearby i hastend to add!
These well traveled 3.5 inch puppies arrived on my doorstep the other day
sent all the way from HONG KONG baby!
(and here was I trying to be green!).

Now i'm looking forward to decorating each and every one of the 365 pages,
I'm hoping my boys will help me too.
(A fun way of keeping track of how much they improve on their
writing and drawing skills throughout the year).

Thats all for now folks,
thanks for stopping by :O)
Nina x


  1. Wauw .... sikken fed bog. God fornøjelse med den:-)

  2. Fantastisk, Nina - jeg håper virkelig jeg får holde den i hendene mine en dag og ta en nærmere kikk! For et herlig prosjekt - og for en jobb!!!

  3. Wow, wow, wow - Nina! For en fantastisk bok og tutorial!
    Bøyer meg i støvet her!
    klem fra


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