Friday, 3 January 2014

My top 10 favorite projects from 2013

I think its a great idea to look through, 
gather and post your favorite 
projects from the year that has just past.
I have enjoyed looking through lots of peoples lists.
So I thought I would join in and compile my own.
Its given me new inspiration, ideas and
not least a feeling of happiness inside knowing that it is 
that has created these peices that I love for different reasons.

All of the projects i create are made with my
1. NEED for being creative.
2. LOVE of colours & textures.
3. DEVOTION to details. 

(I noticed along the way that there are
 a few projects that I have made but forgotten to post.
I think i'll make a seperate post for them, 
this one will be long enough as it is!)
I have made a link to the actual post under each photo
so you can easily click on it and see more photos and details 
on each project.

Hope you make it through
and get be inspired on your way! 

Here goes...... 





Well that was more than 10....
In my defence, 
I found it really hard to choose just 10!
I had picked out 20 projects with the intention of
taking away my least favorite until I got down to 10 left,
but I gave up umming and ahhing at 15
and have now decided that this is my 
Topp 15 Projects
(all chosen for different reasons).
What a great creative year 2013 has been for me,
so much fun and enjoyment.
Thank you to everyone that has inspired me
along my journey so far.
Here's to assuming that 2014 will be if possible 
even better!!
Howdy parteners.

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