Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Re-cycle and store.

I thought I would share what I store my pens, glue and brushes etc in... here are my favourites:

I save and wash the food cans with soap and water first, and make sure they are really clean.
Then I use paper scraps, ribbons etc to decorate them. They are so useful, come in all sorts of sizes and are FREE!
I have a whole load of them in use and they really brighted up the shelf above my desk.


  1. Wow Nina. What a gorgeous way to store your pens. Great way to recycle
    Love sarah XXX
    p.s. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments

  2. They are so cute, Nina! I'm thinking of making some of my own when my "office" is ready!

    Hugs Wenche :0)

  3. wow these are fabulous Nina and such a great idea...beautifully altered
    Mina xxx

  4. These are really lovely Nina, and very useful too. Maybe I will copy your idea.

  5. Fin ide, og rigtig lækre farver!

  6. Oh wow these are wonderful you have so inspired me!
    kim x

  7. Så koselig at du la igjen en hilsen inne hos meg, slik at jeg fant tilbake til deg :) du er kjempekreativ og flink! Masse inspirasjon og hente her inne hos deg :) kommer snart igjen!



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