Friday, 1 November 2013

Christmas Tag Tutorial.

Challenge time over at 

This time the challenge is called 
'Vintage Christmas'

A suiting challenge for this season, 
when it's about time we got started with Christmas projects, 
if you havn't already done so that is! : O) 
We want see your Christmas creations
ranging from Christmas cards,  
Christmas decorations, Christmas Notebooks to a Christmas scrapbook page. 
The choice is yours.
Just a criteria to stick to .... VINTAGE. 
We have a great prize from our sponsor too!!
300,- NOK worth of rubberstamps...
So put on some nostalgic Christmas music to get you in the mood,
You have until November 13th to upload contributions :O)

This is how I made the tag.....

I used a Ranger #8 craft Kraft tag as the base.
Ripped up some old book pages and dipped them in some strong coffee,
and left them to dry over night.

I then used matt decoupage glue to attach them to the tag, I just painted on the glue
and lay the strips of pages over the tags, cutting off the stray edges
 then I sealed them with another coat of decoupage glue. 
Setting them aside to dry, flattening out the tags every now and then
so that they wern't too 'curly'.

Next step was to randomly stamp them with 
some wintery branch stamps from Basic Gray.
Once the stamps were dry I sprayed the tags with 
Perfect Pearls Mist - Biscotti,
and gave them a quick blow dry.
Then i used a pallet knife to randomly 
spread on an uneven patchy layer of gesso paint.

Once the gesso was dry, (that drys quite quickly)
I made another layer using the same teqnique using 
Distress paint - weatherwood over the Gesso. 
Making sure to leave open spaces so you could still 
see some of the stamps, old book pages and gesso.
 Distress paint takes a while to dry, 
and its not always a good idea to hurry the drying process up,
this affects the size and quantity of the crackles in the paint.
SO I put it to one side again to dry.

In the meantime I started rolling
some scrap book strips to make the christmas tree.
Decide how tall and wide you want your tree to be,
and make the strips accordingly, 
start with the longest and decend slightly each time in size. 
I sprayed the strips with a bit of water to dampen them 
thus making them easier to form.
A little line of glue along the edge of the roll and left to dry.
I glued a small doily peice to the tag.

I put a strip of doublesided tape on a scrap of cardboard 
approx 1 cm wide and 2 cm long 
and wrapped some red and white butchers string around it 
covering approx 1cm.
(Size will vary depending on the size of your tree).
I then glued the bottom rolls of christmas 
tree to the remaining peice of cardboard.
Then glued it to the tag and glued on the rest of the tree 'rolls'.
I used Panokit glue that drys fast and clear.

Final touches, I added a ribbon strip, some snowflakes and 
attached a ribbon through the hole.

 These techniques can be used on lots of different
projects imagination is your only limitation!

Good luck :O)


  1. Hi Nina~ I love this tag! It is vintage in it's appearance qnd contemporary in it's technique!! Beautifully done! ((hugs)) Rebecca

  2. Hello Nina honey! Hope life is treating you well and not getting too cold for you!

    This tag is simply stunning!! I'd never rip it off a pressie!

    1. Hi Mary,
      Long time!
      Its quite warm here actually for the time of year, hope we have a nice cold snowy winter in store :O)
      Thank you for you lovley comment,
      I'm glad you like my tag :O)


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