Friday, 11 May 2012

Do not hide, Art Journal page.

I have been enjoying myself AGAIN!
As you will know if you've been listening ;OD 
this is all pretty new to me,
but the Art Journaling bug has really sunken 
its teeth into me!
I find it so relaxing.
I have made this double page using the theme
over at 

They have an 
'Open ARTelieret' 

post open til the 25th of May, I'm entering my pages there. 
If you're interested you still have time to make something!

The challenge is to take you inspiration from this
saying by Winnie the Pooh.

I wanted to try using soft pastel colours of paint,
in a kind of contrast to the 
Strong and bold words that I have chosen to use.

I found it a bit daunting writing the letters, but just had to stop thinking too
much and DO IT ;OD
I am quite pleased by the result.
The stamps and foam letters I have used are from Panduro
( I just painted over the white foam letters).

This next photo I see is not compeletly in focus,
sorry about that.
Anyway, these gorgeous vintage buttons come from a collection I 
inherited from my Mum.
I have drawn the flower stems and added
some small stones around where the bunny is sitting.

and I have droodled/drodled? Not drouled anyway hehe extentions 
to the clouds and sun rays.

The yellow splodges (great word 'splodges' )
I made by dipping bubblewrap in acrilic paint.

Now a couple of birthday cards to be made 
and some more painting to be enjoyed by me, this time on Canvas, 
I'll post them if they turn out ok ;OD
Have a great weekend!

Hugs Nina x


  1. Nammen, noe så søtt og herlig Nina!
    Fantastiske sider du har laget, veldig kreative! Er så glad for at du også fikk ta del i AJ-verdenen, og snart venter steampunkeventyret - juhu!
    Ønsker deg en flott helg vennen!
    klem fra

  2. Stunning work Nina so glad you are having fun! Hugs Rebekah xx

  3. Gorgeous Nina - you are obviously in your element with it!

  4. Tusen takk for at du ville stille ut din side hos oss i ARTelieret, Nina!!! Fantastisk!!!
    Og du er tøffere enn du tror!!!

  5. Lekker og leken med herlig drodling på =)

  6. Herlig side, rett og slett:)

  7. Du dette er jo helt fantastisk Nina, lekre sider med mye jobb i :) Og så friske og freshe og herlige og la seg synke inn i!! :))

    Takk for at du deler siden med oss i Huset :)


  8. Så flott!! Lekent og herlig!!:)


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