Friday, 14 May 2010

Baby bunting.

Just thought I would show you one of my other non- paper projects I have had going on.
This is a baby bunting (a row of small flags to hang on a nursery wall) for a girl.
I got 2 orders both for girls, so to save time I made them identical.
The lovley fabric and ribbon are both bought from Panduro ( a local hobby shop) and they are from the Tilda collection. They are 3 meters in length.
I think they are rather scrummy :O9

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  1. De er så fine og dekorative, Nina!! Tipper de blir kjempefornøyd.
    Nå har jeg litt sperre så jeg tror jeg skal bruke litt tid på å male noen nye motiv som dumpet ned i postkassen i dag fra hÄnglar & stÄnglar. De er gøøøørsøte!!!

    Snakkes snart Nina!!
    Kos & Klem


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