Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Mixed media mini album

I am loving the lighter and brighter evenings that the 
summer months are bringing!
It means spending more time outside rather than being cooped 
up inside,
but I still mange to get some things done in my hobby room!
Here is a mini album project I've just completed.

I printed out the photos ready a LONG while ago, 
and they have been  on my shelf waiting paitently for me to do 
something creative with them. Aren't my neices sweet! 
They live far too far away in Glasgow.
I made this album as a kind of memory for them to have 
of when they were over here in Norway on holiday.

(click on the images for a larger view)

 The project started off as a large peice of watercolor paper,
sized 45cm x 21cm.
I folded it 3 times to make 4 'pages'
including a cardboard scrap i 
picked off the floor in my local supermarket!
It had the words 
'sweet kiss' 
on it and I couldn't just let it lie there and be thrown away could I ?!!
As you can see I have had lots of fun
playing with spray inks, 
distress inks, stamps, washi tape, bubblewrap etc.
I havn't made anything like this before,
and I will admit that i'm quite pleased with the result :O)
Hope my neices like it too.

Thanks for stopping by 
Nina x


  1. Lekkert album Nina! Flotte farger og herlig pynt :-)

  2. Kjempefint mini album!! Sommerlig og friske fine farger/pynt:-) Fine ferieminner i flott innramming!

    Ha en fin uke Nina!
    Klem Laila.

  3. That is an amazing album! I think they will be very happy!
    Øh - glemte lige du forstår dansk :)
    Det er bare nogen lækre farver du har brugt, og jeg er lidt vild med din tape! :)
    Vi nyder også det gode vejr, det er så skønt når man kan sidde ude om aftenen! Jeg håber ikke der er oversvømmelser ved jer - for det er da noget forfærdeligt noget! Kram!

  4. Oh Nina this is sooooooo cool! Love love how you made this album with the pretty colours, photos and backgrounds! Great spray and splash effects, too! Hugs, Ira xox


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