Friday, 5 April 2013

Mixed Media Lerret 30x30cm 'Things I want to do with you'.

I love the colours on this canvas I painted, 
I was mixing and adding dabs of this and that 
and the result in my eyes is so mellow! 
Theres something saying 'marshmallows and Chai Latte' to me here!
Dose anybody else see that?!

(click on the photo to see a larger image)
Those lovley bright splashes of dark turquoise
are actually fabric paints from Panduro.

The 'Things I want to do with you' text is 
 a serviette that I decoupaged on top using matt glue.

I used hobby paint with white crackle paint over it
 on some watercolour paper 
before cutting out the hearts from it,
they are a bit shiney and therfore give another texture
which is hard to see in this photo. 

 I used touches of gold paint and stamped with 
Vibeke Spigseths rubber stamps in random places,
and circles created with modeling paste.
The lerret is size 30 x 30cm

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