Friday, 19 April 2013

Inside cover of Art Jounal nr 4

We've been doing ALOT of drawing and 
colouring in here at home.
My husband sits and draws his designs in his book.
My two boys sit and draw their 'gadget cars'
 and people in their books.
I was inspired by my boys to join in and 
do a kind of childrens type drawing 
in the front cover of my Art journal.
Its really not that easy to remember that the arms 
and legs don't have to be the same legnth.
why bother with a neck?  
Whats that good for?!
Fingers are fingers, 
sometimes there are 5 sometimes there are 3.

'Anything goes and everything is ok
 Is what I tell them.

It was fun to hold my drawing pen 
the 'wrong' way 
and colour in 
'trying to control an over eager hand' 
spilling over the edges.
I reccomend giving it a go!

Here's what I drew:

'My family on a sunny day'.

I sprayed/painted the clouds and sun using dylusion spray.

Thanks for stopping by,
Nina x


  1. Gosh Nina, that is so cool! You have tried to draw as a child but you can see the adult there, somehow, too, love love the eyes, such funny images! Well done to you! Hugs, Ira xox

    1. Thank you Ira!
      The images make me smile, and I see likeness to my family in them too ;OD

  2. Really gorgeous, Nina! I wish I could draw too - maybe I will your free style a go!

    1. Thank you Mary J!
      Go on give it a go, its really quite fun, just don't think too much of what is 'right' or 'wrong' when you do it, cos its then you get stuck. Just FREE YOUR MIND, AND THE REST WILL FOLLOW! ;OD

  3. Elsker den siden i boka di, Nina - utrolig herlig tegning! Leken og søt - akkurat som deg! ♥


    1. Hihi Tusen Takk Hanne,
      Så snill du er :O)
      Klem xx

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Chantal!
      I see you are my newest follower,
      I'll pop round soon to see what your blogs like soon.
      Hope you enjoy what I post here :O)
      Nina x

  5. Dejligt naivt udtryk, nogen gange er det bare sjovt at lave noget andet også!
    Jeg så lige at du fulgte Hannas Genbrugsblog, det er sjovt - jeg har lige mødt Hanna for første gang, da hun er kommet med i den kreative forening hvor jeg kommer ;) Verden er lille!

  6. Tusen Takk Fruen :O)
    Herlig blog Hanne har ja!
    stikker innom deg nå jeg...

    Nina x


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