Monday, 8 April 2013

'Brothers' Layout.

I made this layout about a YEAR ago,
I was so quick to frame it 
and hang it on the wall, 
 I forgot all about taking photos of it,
or so I thought.....
Whilst having a quick tidy and sort in my photos files
I found that I had taken some after all! 
They wern't very good shots, 
a bit dark and not very straight,
but here they are anyway, 
after a quick 'going over' in Photoshop.

I made the brothers sign by 
glueing cardboard letters and some buttons
onto a peice of card then 
covered it with one continuous strip
of metal tape, before I used the 
'wrong end' of a paint brush 
to ease the tape around them.

White paint over a strip of punchella (?).
Yellow crackle paint on a cardboard die.
Random paper scraps and some brads.

I've only ever made a handfull of layouts, they are not really my thang, 
but I do like this one, maybe because I love 
the snap shot my husband took
of our boys with their new summer punky hairdo's.
Its quite clean and simple aswell,
which appeals to me.

Nina x


  1. This is so cool, Nina and love how you brought out the boys stuff on it! Cute kids!

  2. That was the first word that came to my mind, too, Nina, that it's so cool! Lovely creation for boys! Hugs, Ira xox


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