Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Italian Job.

 I have a customer in Italy who was looking for a box 
that would hold a new house key that she planned 
to give to her boyfreind when they moved house together.
She had a special poem that she wanted to be included in Italian 
It was tres importante that the box be big enough 
to hold the key and keyring that measured 3x3cm.
I ended up choosing to transform a wooden box......

 Here is the chosen wooden box. 

 The tough wee magnets hold the lids tightly shut.

 The design papers are from Bo Bunny.

I dyed the vintage seam binding myself  
with a mix of Tim's distress inks, 
and painted then sanded the trinket key, so it wasn't so shiny. 
I used several small bits of different washi tapes 
under the bow to give it a bit more of a busy look.

 I used sandpaper to distress around all the edges before
distressing some more with gesso paint over the blue acrylic paint,
To give it a proper used and treasured look.
I Printed the poem out after working with it in Adobe illustrator.
After altering it to the correct size to fit the box I
chose a suitable font and colour.

....Vorrei che il sapore di thé, la mattina, fosse dovuto ad un tuo bacio.
Vorrei che il tuo odore fosse l’odore della mia casa.
Vorrei tornare tardi e trovarti lě sul divano, ad aspettarmi.
Vorrei che le tue braccia fossero le fondamenta della mia vita.....

How romantic!!

 I do hope that he likes it, 
and that they live together happily ever after...

Customers reply: I received your package today, 
I REALLY have no words, it's simply perfect!!
So beautiful and so plain, I love it!  

Truly, You are an artist =D

Wow I am thrilled that she liked it so much,
that makes it so much worthwhile!!



  1. At first I though you were talking about the movie, lol, but then I started reading your post Nina and got the drift ;-) A fabulously altered box, looks really superb with all these fine details! Hugs, Ira xox

  2. Nydelig eske, nydelig dikt og fantastisk romantisk! Tusen takk for historien og for at du deler den vakre esken din med oss i Trykkpressa:)

    1. Takk takk, men det var ikke denne posten jeg skulle dele med dere! :O/ Da må jeg ha gitt dere feil link? det er nemlig den forrige posten her som skulle være linket til 'Første Trykk Pressa i 2013' ....

      Vet du hvordan jeg forandre på det :0/

  3. Den boksen ble nydelig , Nina :)


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