Thursday, 25 October 2012

Panduro Hobby Christmas card Competition.

Right now Panduro Hobby is having a competition!
You have to design and make your own Christmas card.
(yup its looming, in fact only 2 months til Christmas now! 
Can't wait personally, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!)

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to enter, and the prizes are FAB.
Here is my entry:
 (I decided to make a tag, 
but with a card like place to write on the back, 
I do hope that they accept it as a card....)

The back side, showing the 'flip-up card' bit, a text stamp 
from Panduro and my personal stamp.

On the side I used a Panduro Foam stamp, 
its cool 'cos you can only see the silver ink from some angles.
I stamped straight onto the background I made 
using the new and Beautiful 'Tilda' Tissue paper
glued on using Panduro's own Decoupage glue.

Here you see a selection of Panduros Washi Tape, LOVE IT!
A vintage button sewed on with hemp string, and 
a scrap of of lace ribbon attached to the very bottom.

 In this photo i have tryed to capture the 
shine of the panduro stamp, 
embossed black Christmas tree.

Here you see the gorgeous new 'Tilda' ribbon 
attached to the top of the card.

I really enjoyed making this 
and it didn't take a whole lot of time either.

I had better skip along to Panduro with it one day soon.
(competition closing date is 11 Nov 2012)

Happy days! 
Thanks for stopping by.
Nina x

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  1. Så moro at du har et bidrag til konkurransen!:) Kjempefint og kreativt, Nina. Moro å se hvordan du har brukt alle produktene her... Lykke til på veien til topps! Klem


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