Monday, 21 May 2012

Mac Crispie Cake Recipie!!

Today I am going to share with you 
a great recipe! 
Really quick and easy to make, no baking or oven required
just a microwave.
Tastes delicious, popular with both
small and big people, and keeps well in an airtight box.
Its roots come from a microwave cookbook
my mum had when I was little, the book and recipie is 
long gone, but the memory remained.
So I have tryed and tested a number of combinations to 
find this recipie.

I have named it 
'Mac Crispie Cake'
(although a friend of mine recently called it 'Mac Fatty cake' ;O)

Norsk version lengere ned...

Approx. 200g Kellogs Rice Crispies,
Approx. 250g Marshmallows,
Approx. 150g English Toffee,
optional- 200-400g milk chocolate.

 Devide butter and Toffee into small pieces
as shown. Put in a large microwave safe bowl.

Rice crispies and Marshmallows.

Put in microwave for approx. 1.5 min on full power.
Take out and stir,
(Very hot be careful!)
Put back in microwave for approx. 1 min.

Carefully stir in the marshmallows,
put back in the microwave for approx 1 min, or
until you see that they have melted and start to swell.

Carefully mix together, until everything looks
smooth and sticky like this. 

Gradually add the rice crispies to the mix,
making sure you mix really well so that
all of the rice crispies get a good coating.

Empty the mix into a greesed container,
I choose to use a deep roasting pan,
but you could use almost anything.

Squash and pat down the mixture using 
the back of a metal spoon.

Wait til it has cooled before cutting into squares.
It is now you can decide if you want to cover it with 
melted chocolate and add smarties etc.
The only thing I would say is that if
you add chocolate don't put it in the fridge as the 
chocolate tends to get a white coating. 
(this would prob. be avoided if you use cooking chocolate, 
I just use regular chocolate).



200g smør
ca 200g Rice crispies (frokostblanding)
ca 250g marshmallows
2 pakker med Engelsk toffee org. smak 
(fåes kjøpt på 7- eleven/ Europris)
2 store melkesjokolade-plater.


Del smøret i mindre biter,
brekk toffee i biter.
(lettest å gjøre om de har stått i kjøleskapet en stund) 

Haes i en stor bolle som tåler mikrobølgeovn 
(og som har plass til resten av ingrediensene)  
Kjør i mikro’n i ca 1,5 min på full styrke, 
ta ut og rør litt i den. (pass på det er veldig varmt)

Kjør på i ca 1 min. til i mikro’n.
Ta ut, rør forsiktig inn marshmallows, 
og kjør en siste gang i micro’n, ca 1 min.
(Eller fram til du se at de begynner å svelle)
Ta ut og rør inn Rice crispies, litt av gangen
 slik at det blir godt blandet sammen.

Ha blandingen oppi en langpanne og 
trykk godt ned med baksiden av en spiseskje.
Nå kan du velge om du vil ha på smeltet sjokolade/pynt
eller ikke. Den smaker helt topp som den er også.

 Avkjøl og del i biter med en kniv.
(Tips om du har tatt på sjokolade; ikke avkjøl kaken i kjøleskapet, 
da kan sjokoladen bli hvitprikkete og ekkel, med mindre 
du bruker kokesjokolade ville jeg tro, jeg liker best 
allminnelig melkesjokolade)

I would love to hear from you if you try this recipie,
maybe you want to try adding other ingredients like nuts 
or raisens?? 
Leave a comment below and let me know how you get on!

 Have a nice day
 Regards Nina 


  1. Oh my goodness Nina, this certainly looks totally scrumptious! Will probably need a couple of hours training to get this off my hips again, LOL! Hugs, Ira x

  2. Ooh looks yummy,don't think they would be any left for the kids though! Well you have to make sure it tastes ok!

  3. Øj det lyder usundt, men lækkert :D


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