Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Furniture rehab - Dresser.

Its been a while!
Time is flying by as usual! 
I have been keeping myself busy and managing to 
be uber creative in between times :OD
The time has come to share what has been our
main or largest project this winter, so far.
and without more a do...
ok maybe a wee DRUMROLL is called for ;OD
Here she is....

Just shouting out for a lick of paint...or 5 ;O)
Your wish is our command...

Here she is dismantled, work in progress....
Later on
we applyed beeswax on the parts where we wanted the
blue paint to show.  

Best furniture wax in the world (smells great too ;O)
It comes in 7 shades, we have used 'Rugger brown'.
It gives a lovley sheen, and unbeatable patina.
Beautiful knobs from Café Charm in Ski.

Yay, finished!
This peice has taken alot of
Elbow grease!

Detail shots.....

We have used colours from Farrow and Balls palett.
'Oval room', and 'White Narciss'.

Our aim was to give the impression that the dresser had been 
around for a long time,
chipped and worn through use and love.

Next project is already under way....
 want a peek.....

Here is the before shot......

Happy days :O)
Hugs Nina xx


  1. Hi Nina, I just love what you've done with this dresser. Oh my goodness. You would pay an arm and a leg in SA for the finished product. Absolutely stunning. Love it to bits! Can't wait to see what you'll be doing with the other item. hugs Sharon x

  2. Wow Nina, looks absolutely fabulous!!! What a perfect fit for your wall. Unless you want to send it down to me? Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  3. Brilliantly changed! Lovely outcome!!

  4. WOW for en forandring.Det ble kjempe flott og så romantisk på samme tid!

    Klem Fra Eva Helen

  5. Så flink du er Nina:-) Og kjempefint ble det!!
    Har et trippelt garderobeskap jeg har lyst til å gjøre det samme med. Lykke til med neste male prosjekt!

    Ha en fin uke!
    KLem Laila.

  6. Amazing Nina!! You could definitely set up your own shabby chic shop!

  7. Den er godt nok blevet flot, sikken et stort arbejde. Håber i har det godt deroppe i det kolde nord :)


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