Monday, 26 March 2012

Easter eggs

Almost Easter folks! 
Thought I would share a quick fix I have done
with some cheap Easter eggs I bought....

Given some fresh looking eggs a little vintage look...

The egg on the left is before the one on 
the right has had a good rubbing in with 
my trusty furniture polish!

And thats it, quick fix! 
The pattern on the eggs is really sweet but didn't really show.
(and now they smell all waxy too ;O)

Thanks for stopping by,
and thank you so much for your comments,
they are so apreciated!
Have a wonderful week!

Nina x


  1. Sååå herlige egg Nina! Vakker farge, og så fint med voksen!
    Kreativ du!
    Ha en flott og kreativ uke du også;)

  2. This may be quick, but it looks completely wonderful Nina!!


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