Tuesday, 28 June 2011

'Postcard' - A wee break...

A break in the countryside at our family holiday house.

This is the reason for my absence from 'Blog-land'
(and the real world too hehe).

Its all full of big boys toys and farmyard smells,
come night time the only noises to be heard are the occasional
barn owl twooting,
(do the twoot?! They do here anyway ;O)
and maybe, just maybe someone snoring! hehe.

Hope you are all enjoying your summers where ever you may be!

Love from the blissful countryside,
Nina xx


  1. så fine bilder og så koslig hus :-)Ja nå er det ferie tid,så det blir ikke mye blogging,men jeg tar det igjen :-)

    riktig god ferie

    Klem Fra Eva Helen

  2. Hello Nina! Looks like you are having a fab time!! Can you send some sunshine our way please?!!

    See you soon honey!

  3. Så koselige bilder!
    Ha en riktig god sommer Nina:)


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