Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Raise the bra! Guest Bar Tender.

Hello peeps,
Wow seems like i havn't been in blog land for AGES,
and i havn't so not so strange it seems that way!
Things have been a bit busy here to say the least, and blogging has been put to the bottom of the list along with a whole load of other things.
I'm not sure what people are doing here at the moment, so i am looking forward to doing a round through all of your blogs to see what you have been upto, unfortunatly that will have to wait a bit longer until Scott gets well again, and in the meantime Kim has developed a nasty cough and the ear specialist has decided he needs another ear operation which is now due in the next couple of weeks, poor wee monkey.
I am just so wornout!
It dosn't help that my illness Lupus is making me even more tired. Oh dear not much happy news coming from me today, sorry about that!
Its not all that bad, i'm sitting here smiling and I do have a wonderful assistant
to help me 3 days a week so I shouldn't complain :O)
On to my card I won a challenge at 'Raise the bar'!! woop woop :o)
My prize was to be Guest Designer for this weeks challenge, the challenge being
"raise the bra"
to make something for
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
It was to be pink and include a stamped image of a woman on the front.
(although Unfortunatly I didn't get it delivered to them on time, boob hoob)
Here is my tag card:

I am very aware of breast cancer as my mum died of it, I was thinking about her and reminising the wondersful lady she was whilst making this card.
I have decided to send it to her sister, my Aunt Lisa that lives in Australia :O)
I will have to come back to the recipe at a later date as my time has run out!
Hope you are all well
Hugs Nina x


  1. Really nice work on the tag. I´m starting to get more and more fond of Magnolias. And raising the awareness is always a good thing. I hope your situation will turn to the better soon. Hugs.

  2. Uha, jeg håber da alle får det bedre snart, og der bliver tid til lidt af det sjove også! Man trænger til et pusterum ind imellem! Men hvor er det et fint kort du har lavet, sikker på at din tante bliver glad for det!
    Mange kram fra mig...

  3. Et nydelig Magnolia kort! Blir nok en glad tante i Australia:-)
    Håper alt blir bedre med dere alle sammen snart.
    Klem Laila.

  4. Hi Nina

    Family and health have to come first, blogging is always there when you are readt for it.

    A super tag card and with such a lovely thought behind it.

    B x

  5. Så nydelig kort du har laget!
    Så lekkert hele veien:) Blir nok en glad tante.
    Huff, skjønner godt at du er sliten Nina. Håper alt blir bedre med dere alle snart.
    God bedring, klem:)

  6. Hi Nina
    I love your project. My mum too had breast cancer 10 years ago, but fortunately for us she found it in time and after a years worth of chemo and radio she got through it. So sorry your mum didn't. Sorry too to hear your Lupus is making you bad.Just keep smiling. Your projects always inspire me. Thanks
    Love sarah x

  7. Hi Nina, sorry you are struggling with things at the moment, life can be very hard sometimes.
    your tag is so scrummy, love everything about it.
    your Aunt lisa will love it too. hugs chris xx

  8. Et nydelig kort du har laget. Håper dere får det bedre snart. Alle varme tanker herfra. Klem

  9. wow this is beautiful! Hugs Juls

  10. Hallo Nina:) for en nydelig blogg du har, mange flotte arbeider! Det var så hyggelig å treffes i helgen, jeg ser frem til å følge deg fremover...og gleder meg over den lille vakre jule-tag'en med adressen din.
    Klem fra Marianne

  11. Hei Nina!
    Så hyggelig at du tok turen innom min blogg og la igjen et spor. Har hatt en fantastisk reise gjennom din blogg. Her var det masse lekkerheter :) Hit vil jeg ta turen igjen.
    Takk for en flott treff-helg. Håper vi ses på neste treff :)


  12. Hi Nina, Just found the time to visit your blog. I hope that you and your little boys are feeling much better soon. I havent added anything to my blog in ages either. Congratulations on winning at raise the bar too. Your tag card is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours, patterned paper, dainty little bow beneath the flowers and pearls, they finish it off beautifully. Very pretty. I lost my Mum too to breast cancer. I'm sure your Aunty will love the card. Have a Great day. Bye for now. Hugs Maria xx

  13. Heisan, det var her du var, jeg har vært her før :o)
    Takk for sist. Det var veldig hyggelig å treffe deg.
    Kortet ditt er nydelig. Håper ting ordner seg for dere etterhvert.
    Klem :o)

  14. Hei igjen Nina:-) Kjempe koselig å hilse på deg IRL i helgen. Koste meg bare så mye..utrolig fin helg!! Sees igjen på neste treff i mars:-)

    Klem Laila.

  15. Lovely! Such great attention to detail! Thx for joining us at Totally Gorjuss and hope to see you at our next challenge!

  16. Hi, this is gorgeous, love your tag and the pink paper. Very elegant and sweet. Sorry to hear about your mum and that your kids aren't so well. Hope they'll be better soon xx

  17. Hei igjen. Ikke så lett å kjenne igjen folk fra bloggbilde. Jeg er også påmeldt i mars. Kanskje vi får hilst på hverandre da:) Klem Nina

  18. Hei Nina.
    Så koselig at du tok turen innom meg,takker også for hyggelig kommentar:))
    Har tittet gjennom bloggen din og her var det masse lekkert. Gleder meg til å følge deg videre!! Og joda, det går fortsatt i maling her hjemme, men blir vel ferdig etterhvert..:)) Gøy å se forandringene da!
    Forresten veldig koselig å bli kjent med deg, håper vi sees i mars:)

    Ha en flott helg!
    klem fra Heidi:)

  19. Beautiful, sweet!!! Pozdrawiam! Gosia S.

  20. Hi Nina
    I never realised your mum died of cancer. I am so sorry to hear that. I guess my new blog will mean a lot to you. I just felt it would be nice to make a card or project(PINK) and give it to someone who is ill to cheer them up. I know most blogs give prizes but with this blog the cardmaker does the giving and I'm sure you like me feel good to see the smile on someones face when they see the card we made for them
    I have one follower already so I think it is now working. Thank you so much for visiting. In fact your tag on this post qualifies to go on the blog. It is pink and you sent it to someone close to someone who was ill. If I can put your card on the blog please let me know.m Have a great evening

    hugs sarah x

  21. Hei på deg Nina:) Ville bare si tusen takk:)) for så hyggelige kommentarer fra deg på bloggen min..., det setter jeg kjempestor pris på:) jeg håper det går bra med dere! Har ikke hatt så mye tid til å blogge og titte i det siste, men håper å få litt kvalitetshobbytid;O) fremover. Ha en strålende dag! hilsen fra Marianne i Ski


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