Friday, 10 September 2010

Thank You for my 2 awards!

Wow 2 awards at once! I am so chuffed :O) Thank you so much Sarah, I really apreciate them :O)
So heres what I have to do,
1. Thank the person who gave it to you, Thank you again Sarah :O) -ok
2.Copy the award and post it on your blog. - ok
3. List 3 things that you love about yourself (!) -What?! ( I hate questions like that)
erm ok...
A. I love that I am a good mum to my boys.
B. I love that I can laugh at myself ;O)
C. I that my mum passed on her crafting gene to me :OP

4. Post a picture you love, (I couldn't choose between these two photos, so I just loaded up both :O)

Scott, Aww, my two year old heart breaker, generally known as 'Monkey nr 2'

Kim, my blond bomb shell, and he is 'Ma' main Monkaye' hehe :O)

5. Give this award away to 5 people.
I am going to give this away to.... drumroll, a bit of trumpet playing...
Hannemor : For her beautiful cards and amasing tallent for colouring.
Wenche : For her Love of trying new things and her attention to details.
Laila aka 'Pink Lady' : For her lovley creations and her activeness on the heartwarming commenting front! - Thank you :O)
Silvie : For her pure breath taking tallent!
Mary J : For her cute and quirkey style, I love her creations!

Award nr 2.
I have to state why I started blogging.
Well a year ago in January Wenche twisted my arm and I suddenly had my own blog, hehe.
Like Sarah, when I discovered the amount of tallented people that were sharing their caft work, tecniques and tips. I was totally blown away! Its trully inspiring and helps keep you on your toes crafting wize!
I should be choosing 10 people to give this 'bafta' award away to
but since I follow more than 10 blogs and am certainly inspired by more than 10
I decided that I would love for all of my followers to accept this award from me with thanks for all the inspiration and kind comments you leave me,
come on peeps, don't be shy, copy - paste go-go-go ;O)
Wow reciving awards take time! I will be posting my GDT card for Totally Gorjuss' new challenge tommorow ( heads-up, really easy challenge this week).
Hugs all round to those of you that are still with me, if there is anyone... hello? hmm.
Oh well nite nite me :O)
Love Nina x


  1. Tusen takk for awarden og de varme ordene Nina!
    Kjempe koselig:-)
    Utrolig søte bilder av dine to barn!!

    Ha en fin og kreativ helg!
    Klem Laila.

  2. Tusen takk for en flott award!!! Jeg skal poste den så snart jeg får tid innimellom alle kortene jeg må ha på plass før jeg reiser til sol og varme :) Likte veldig godt måten du ordlegger deg om Wenche som måtte vri armen på deg for å komme deg ut i bloggland. Hihi
    Go'klem fra lille meg :0)

  3. Congratulations on your Awards Nina, so well deserved. Your little "monkeys" are absolutely adorable! Keep on creating your lovely cards, such a joy to view. hugs Sharon x

  4. Hello Nina!! Thank you so much - I am so flattered! Congrats on your award - I love your style big time - so original and stylish!


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